Topic 7: Domestic Violence & Housing and Homelessness Service Priorities

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Topic 7: Domestic Violence & Housing and Homelessness Service Priorities

This is a summary of Topic 7. Download the complete Topic 7 from the Discussion Paper.

Statistics show that a large proportion of people who access homelessness services are experiencing domestic violence. Almost all of these are women or children, and a significant number identify as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander. This highlights the importance of homelessness services in supporting domestic violence victims.

Recent service reforms within Housing SA have strengthened the delivery of social housing, private rental and bond assistance to women and their children seeking longer term housing options. The “no wrong door” approach provides women and children experiencing domestic violence with expanded services. Government and non-government providers embrace both “housing-first” and “safety-first” principles in their approach to service provision.

Current homelessness services are delivered in accordance with the National Partnership Agreement on Homelessness, which expires mid-2017. Ministers from all around Australia have agreed to produce a report on housing and homelessness funding options beyond this point, including a proposal for a five year funding arrangement. The report will also propose future policy reforms to meet the needs of vulnerable people. 

Community feedback will be used to inform South Australia’s submission to the report, which will be considered by Commonwealth, state and territory Ministers.

We are asking you to consider the strengths and limitations in the way homelessness services are currently being delivered to women and children experiencing domestic violence, including how we can better provide support in Aboriginal communities.

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Saturday, 23 July 2016
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