Information Management Discussion Paper

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Information Management Discussion Paper

Connecting the criminal justice system through information management (PDF 1318KB) was a discussion paper in the Improving Information Sharing Series, as part of the Transforming Criminal Justice initiative. It was released in March 2016.

What was being decided?

This paper looked at ways in which improved information sharing, through better business practice and use of technology, can deliver better criminal justice services to the South Australian community.
It sought to understand and improve how victims, witnesses and defendants interact with the criminal justice system. It also explored the community’s vision of what an accessible and transparent criminal justice system might look like a system that fosters community confidence through improved information management.
The intention of this Discussion Paper was to share information about work that has been underway, and work that is planned with the community. Feedback was sought from all people who participate within the criminal justice system.
Some specific issues for consideration were:
  • Electronic Communication – does the community see the opportunity for online management of some criminal justice issues?
  • Online Services – in what ways would the community like to interact with the criminal justice system? What services should be done electronically and/or online?
  • What information would the community like to receive electronically or access online?
  • Does more extensive use of Video Conferencing appeal to the community?
  • What opportunities does the legal profession see for increasing productivity in the criminal justice system through the use of more contemporary practices?

The Discussion Paper was made available on YourSAy, and consultation closed on 30 April 2016.

All feedback received has been taken into consideration as part of the Transforming Criminal Justice reform program. 

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