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Putting People First

The South Australian Government is committed to creating a future criminal justice system that meets community expectations, that protects and supports victims, and that acts quickly and effectively so that offenders face consequences in a timely manner. To do this, reform is required across the entire continuum of the criminal justice system: from police to prisons, victims of crime and witnesses, the legal profession, the judiciary, the courts and the parole board. Transforming Criminal Justice presents bold and brave ideas for reform, considering all the bodies and institutions that are part of the criminal justice system or interact with it. Read more about the initiative.


What's happening right now?

Reducing paperwork duplication - new efficiency measure

The State Government is proposing changes to existing criminal justice procedures that will reduce delays for police, witnesses and victims by removing the duplication of paperwork when criminal charges are upgraded or downgraded. The Summary Procedure (Abolition of Complaints) Amendment Bill has been introduced into Parliament, proposing the use of a single document that can be used for both indictable and summary offences. It will also see greater use of affidavit evidence, replacing written statements of evidence that currently need to be verified by declaration at the preliminary examination of an indictable offence. 
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Consultation open – improving electronic communications

The State Government is proposing changes to the law that will allow greater use of electronic communications in the criminal justice sector. 

The Summary Procedure (Service) Amendment Bill 2016 and the Electronic Transactions (Criminal Proceedings) Amendment Bill 2016 aim to increase efficiency for the sector and for the community by saving time and money, reducing delays and increasing accessibility. 

We are seeking your comments on the proposed changes outlined in the draft Bills. Your feedback will be taken into consideration in the finalisation of the Bills before they are submitted to Parliament. Consultation closes Friday 19 August 2016. 

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Friday, 22 July 2016