Crime Prevention and Community Safety Grants - past projects 2015

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Crime Prevention and Community Safety Grants - past projects 2015

The South Australian Government is committed to keeping our communities safe.

The Crime Prevention and Community Safety Grants provide funding to community organisations for local crime prevention projects and local councils for CCTV projects in South Australia.

Successful applicants have now been announced for all 2015 grant programs. A list of successful applicants and project names are below.

The recipients of the Crime Prevention and Community Safety grants 

Organisation                             Project Name & Description Amount $

Baptist Care (SA) Inc. 

Piti Menarki (Young Men Getting Whiskers) 
This project addresses the needs of Aboriginal youth in Murray Bridge experiencing, or at risk of, contact with the juvenile justice system.  It is driven by Aboriginal voices and underpinned by strong community partnerships. Piti Menarki aims to minimise offending behaviours by building cultural identity and community connections and relationships.
City of Playford 
Pride @ the Rise 
In response to overwhelming demand driven by community safety concerns the project will work with Elizabeth Downs residents, shop tenants & owners to activate the community surrounds of the Elizabeth Rise Shopping Centre. Evidence shows activating spaces in partnership with community reduces crime, antisocial behaviour and increases safety. The project includes the design & installation of mosaic furniture, murals, artwork, community gardens, landscaping & children's play spaces and will closely link to the new Elizabeth Rise Community Centre, Community Policing team & adjacent Primary School. 
Helping Young People Achieve 
Reflections - Youth Offenders Restorative Justice Mural Project 
Reflections - Youth Offenders Restorative Justice Mural Project will work with the Youth Court Family Conference team to offer a diversion project for young offenders to participate in the creation of a therapeutic group mural art project.  The project's specific aims are to change behaviour, provide reflection on offending, build empathy, social skills, team building and give restitution by way of the sale of the mural at an annual fundraising event with the proceeds donated to the Victims Support Service.
Migrant Resource Centre of SA 
Community Safety Project for New Australians 
CommSafe is a community engagement initiative between new migrant communities and agencies involved in crime prevention and the promotion of community safety. The project will establish "safety hubs" made up of key community people including trained volunteers to engage with SA Police, the Courts, DV Violence Services, community legal centres, Yarrow Place, Victim Support Services and other relevant services. The project will involve presentations, dialogue, site visits, community forums and mentoring opportunities for interested community participants to gain a better understanding of agencies that deal with crime prevention and community safety.
Northern Area Community & Youth Services 
Making A Difference 
The "Making a Difference" program is designed to address youth at risk of offending and promote education and community responses to issues of crime prevention. Young offenders aged 10 to 13 years will be given the opportunity to partake in a social media project that will discuss community and individual responses to crime prevention. Varying topics of crime prevention will be explored over a school term with young people in group work. The young people will then disseminate this information to their peers via appropriate social media. The group work will culminate in a school presentation to peers and families.
Second Chances SA 
Port Lincoln Community Post-Release Re-Integration Project 
The project will help transition prisoners in Port Lincoln prison who wish to reintegrate into the local Port Lincoln community crime free. Advocacy and liaison will be provided to facilitate the transition of prisoners into approved accommodation and employment opportunities. Prisoners transitioning into the community will be introduced to positive lifestyle networks and people who will accept and encourage them in their personal goals to be drug free, crime free, tax paying citizens contributing to society.
Re-Engage Youth Services 
Restoring Relationships, Reducing Risk Factors and Reconnecting Young People back into their Community 
Preventing and responding to crime is most effective when negative behaviour is sanctioned by those with a close personal connection rather than a remote government authority. This project draws on the power of close relationships and community to prevent crime and address harm resulting from crime. It will take referrals for young people who are identified as being at-risk of or involved in criminal activity and engage them in a facilitated process of dialogue with those affected by their behaviour. This process will reconnect them back to their community and put into place a process to repair the harm.
Rotary Club of Mount Gambier West Inc.
Limestone Coast “ICE” Project 
The project is designed to raise awareness and inform members of the community about the nature of the Drug "ICE" methamphetamine, its addictive properties and subsequent degenerative effects on the community and its users.
The project endeavours to change community attitudes on use, reporting and recovery from the drug "ICE".
Save the Children Australia 
Keeping Kids Connected 
A strength-based pilot program which will deliver mentoring, stability and positive support to Aboriginal young people aged 9-12 identified as having behavioural problems, school absenteeism and/or are in contact with the criminal justice system. The activity will provide prevention strategies to support participants so that they may prevent or reduce their contact with the criminal justice system. A youth worker will provide individual face to face weekly sessions with the young person focussing on soft entry points and relationship building activities, including recreational activities and excursions around the local area.
Youth Organisation United Through Health 
BEHAVE Project 
To employ a Project Officer to coordinate the B.E.H.A.V.E project and run Whyalla's new School Holiday-Activities Inter-Agency meetings. Members of the inter-agency meetings will include professionals, volunteers or parents who work with or provide care for young people at risk of becoming involved with the juvenile justice system, in particular, repeat offenders and Aboriginal youth. Members will be required to run joint activities & early intervention workshops while working with mutual clients.
An early intervention anti-graffiti project supported by local government, will be promoted in regional South Australian schools designed to create awareness of graffiti issues and specifically target students in years 5-8. The schools will be able to access online materials to educate teachers, parents and students on the individual, social and economic costs and consequences of graffiti vandalism, in order to prevent potential offending and reduce impact on the community.
Uniting Care Wesley Port Adelaide 
Spring Clean the Terrace
The project combines a graffiti removal strategy with a youth engagement strategy. The program comprises a partnership between Wesley Social Enterprise Inc, an Australian Disability Enterprise, and Western Youth Space, a training & support organisation based in Port Adelaide and working with youth at risk.  Wesley Social Enterprise will provide a  rapid response removal of graffiti and set up a data base of graffiti tags, while Western Youth Services will deliver diversionary programs and employment /skills training with a view to transforming the anti-social elements of graffiti into employment and socially acceptable channels.
City of Tea Tree Gully 
HIVE Mural 
The project will work with young people between 12 and 25 years of age to run a series of workshops to design a community art piece.  Young people will be engaged to work collaboratively on developing the community art piece drawing on different art mediums, skills and talents in a productive and positive manner, rather than through negative forms such as graffiti. Underlying the project will be a driver that art can be used as positive self expression and as a tool to gain meaningful creative work.
Corporation of the Town of Walkerville 
Western Adelaide Graffiti Removal & Youth Engagement Program
The project will enable local businesses to independently manage graffiti while enhancing the amenity of the Township's premier retail precinct.  Council will develop a Graffiti Management tool kit which details: what graffiti is, removal, protective materials, how to obtain free removal products and paints, crime prevention through environmental design principles, useful contact numbers, information on the Graffiti Control Act and penalty display posters and stickers.  
To launch the project, Council will eradicate all graffiti along the retail precinct by the launch of the project  i.e. "spring cleaning" the Terrace.

The recipients of the CCTV grants

Council                                Project Name & DescriptionAmount $
Adelaide City Council 

Improving CCTV Outcomes Project

This project aims to reduce the incidents and seriousness of crimes against the person (including alcohol-related violence) through improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Adelaide City Council's monitored City Safe CCTV network. The project has two key aspects: - the implementation of Key Performance Indicator (KPI) software for recording and reporting on KPIs relating to the performance of the CCTV network and operators (who monitor the network); and the trial and implementation of video analytics software on the network. Video analytics is designed to 'learn' the usual behaviours based on the motion flow in a camera's field of view. Once a 'normal' is established, the software will alert security personnel to abnormal event detection, such as vadalism or theft.  

City of Holdfast Bay
Holdfast Bay Costal CCTV Upgrade
In 2014 the City of Holdfast upgraded its beachside coastal walk linking the south of the jurisdiction to the north. While the northern part of Holdfast Bay (Glenelg) has developed its CCTV coverage due to the dry area and entertainment precinct, the south of the jurisdiction has fallen behind. As Brighton and Seacliff (also dry areas) are significantly growing in popularity (thus bringing an increase of minor offences) Council seeks $60,000.00 to broaden its surveillance network to include identified areas both along the coastal walk as well as in some prominent coastal reserves.
City of Mitcham

Windy Point - Lynton CCTV

Install CCTV cameras and associated lighting at Windy Point car park to reduce vandalism of council property and improve community safety. There are personal safety and hoon driving issues, with the restaurant often reporting concerns of staff and patrons. The benefits will be a reduction in the high number of vandalism incidents and improvements in public safety for the community. 

City of Salisbury

Salisbury Oval / Jack Young Centre Precinct

The ‘Salisbury Oval Safer Precinct’ supports the City of Salisbury's focus on urban regeneration, place activation, and promotion of healthy, active lifestyles by ensuring that Salisbury is a safe and vibrant place to live, work and play. This project proposes to enhance security related infrastructure via improved lighting, CCTV capabilities and Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) landscaping to support safer place activation of Salisbury Oval, Memorial Street, the Seniors Centre and RSL, directly linking Salisbury Interchange. The proposed CCTV & related elements will assist in discouraging ongoing crime and anti-social behaviours and help to encourage greater active community use and ownership of these facilities.

City of Salisbury

Salisbury CBD - CCTV Net

The ‘Salisbury CBD - CCTV Net’ demonstrates the City of Salisbury's focus on urban regeneration & place activation by promoting Salisbury as a safe and vibrant place to live, work and play. This project enhances security related infrastructure via increased CCTV surveillance within the Salisbury CBD area, encouraging increased place activation of the city centre between Anne and Gawler Streets, incorporating most access routes directly feeding Salisbury's CBD. Proposed installations will discourage ongoing crime and anti-social behaviours, increase detection of offenders and help to encourage greater active community use and ownership of community facilities.

District Council of Ceduna
CCTV System Renewal
Purchase and installation of new digital CCTV cameras in the Ceduna central business district and Ceduna Airport, in addition to two portable cameras that are wirelessly linked. Install monitoring, recording and control hardware at the Ceduna Council office and the Ceduna police station.
The Flinders Ranges Council
CCTV for our Communities
The installation of Closed Circuit Television cameras in the Quorn and Hawker communities will enable council to promote community safety and reduce anti-social behaviour such as hoon driving and vandalism. 
Mount Gambier Council
City of Mount Gambier CCTV Project
Upgrading and extending the City of Mount Gambier’s CCTV surveillance camera system. The City of Mount Gambier is committed to assisting the Mount Gambier Police (SAPOL) in crime prevention, particularly vandalism, and anti-social behaviors that are common in Mount Gambier’s popular public spaces. The City of Mount Gambier has a number of existing CCTV cameras in various locations, however, SAPOL often report incidents where existing CCTV cameras have failed to provide enough visual quality to identify both suspects and victims of crime. Research and community consultation are also an essential part of this project.


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