A draft Bill proposing a model for the First Nations Voice to South Australia's Parliament has been released ahead of a planned engagement.

This follows a state-wide engagement process with First Nations people, leaders and communities from August to October 2022.

The First Nations Voice Bill 2022

The First Nations Voice Bill 2022 proposes:

  • A strong, independent and direct line of communication for First Nations peoples to South Australia’s Parliament.
  • Regions are established in South Australia, each with their own Local First Nations Voice. The number of members and regions has yet to be determined but each Local First Nations Voice would have an equal number of male and female members.
  • The State First Nations Voice would comprise the joint presiding members (both male and female) of each Local Voice.
  • Local Voice members are First Nations people, elected by First Nations people in each region. The election process is managed by the Electoral Commission of South Australia.
  • Local Voice considers matters of interest to First Nations people and will inform and advise State Government departments and other organisations on issues importance to the local First Nations community.
  • Local Voice would inform and advise the State First Nations Voice.
  • The State First Nations Voice will be able to address the Parliament on particular Bills of interest to First Nations people, make an annual address to Parliament, provide reports to Parliament on matters of interest and engage Ministers and Chief Executives in annual meetings.

Members would be appointed for four years, and elections held at the same time as State elections (after an initial election).

Members would be appropriately remunerated for their time.

More information

To learn more about the First Nations Voice, read our resources below:

Information sheet – proposed model First Nations Voice (PDF, 1.1 MB)

Legislation explained - First Nations Voice Bill 2022 (PDF, 1.1 MB)

First Nations Voice draft Bill 2022 (PDF, 1.0 MB)

Engagement report (PDF, 7.5 MB)

Have your say

The Commissioner for First Nations Voice will be undertaking engagements, from 17 November 2022 to 6 January 2023. Feedback will help refine the draft Bill, ahead of a possible introduction to State Parliament in 2023.

You can comment on YourSAy from 17 November or provide a formal submission by emailing: voicetosaparliamentsubmission@sa.gov.au

The Commissioner for First Nations Voice will also be holding engagement sessions with First Nations people across the State.