Number of public complaints reported: Attorney-General's Department

Complaint categories Sub-categoriesExample Number of Complaints 2018-19

Professional behaviour

Staff attitude

Failure to demonstrate values such as empathy, respect, fairness, courtesy, extra mile, cultural competency


Staff competency

Failure to action service request; poorly informed decisions; incorrect or incomplete service provided


Staff knowledge

Lack of service specific knowledge; incomplete or out-of-date knowledge



Communication quality

Inadequate, delayed or absent communication with customer



Customer’s confidentiality or privacy not respected; information shared incorrectly


Service delivery


System offline; inaccessible to customer; incorrect result/information provided; poor system design


Access to services

Service difficult to find; location poor; facilities/ environment poor standard; not accessible to customers with disabilities



Processing error; incorrect process used; delay in processing application; process not customer responsive



Policy application

Incorrect policy interpretation; incorrect policy applied; conflicting policy advice given


Policy content

Policy content difficult to understand; policy unreasonable or disadvantages customer


Service quality


Incorrect, incomplete, out dated or inadequate information; not fit for purpose


Access to information

Information difficult to understand, hard to find or difficult to use; not plain English



Lack of staff punctuality; excessive waiting times (outside of service standard); timelines not met



Maintenance; personal or family safety; duty of care not shown; poor security service/ premises; poor cleanliness


Service responsiveness

Service design doesn’t meet customer needs; poor service fit with customer expectations


No case to answer

No case to answer

Third party; customer misunderstanding; redirected to another agency; insufficient information to investigate




Additional Metrics


Number of positive feedback comments


Number of negative feedback comments


Total number of feedback comments


% complaints resolved within policy timeframes


Data for previous years is available on the Data SA website.

Attorney-General’s Department - service improvements

The AGD has developed a central complaints management system, the Complaints, Compliments and Feedback Management (CCFM) SharePoint site, which was implemented on 1 July 2019. This will act as a central repository for all contacts and allow for greater visibility of all complaints, compliments and feedback.

Business units are able to provide information on complaints, compliments and feedback within the CCFM SharePoint site, covering:

  • the details and number of complaints, compliments and feedback received
  • issues arising from complaints and feedback, for example complaint trends, risks, systemic issues and improvements made as a result of contact
  • category of the complaint or feedback from PC039 categories
  • status of matter (open, referred for investigation, under investigation, closed)
  • length of process, from initial contact to closure.

Within the CCFM SharePoint site, customer services officers are able to log complaints, compliments or feedback on behalf of customers, which will then (if required) be escalated to a team leader for review. It will also capture correspondence made from the whole of government complaints form and department’s website, email, letter and phone contact.

Complaints received by the AGD are referred to business units for review and response. As 94.5% of feedback comments made to AGD relate to CBS and the FERU, their individual service improvements for the period are reported below.

Consumer and Business Services - service improvements

CBS has undertaken the following:
  • Conducted a current state analysis of our customer service approach and key areas to include complaints around staff attitude and system technology.
  • Developed and implemented a customer service strategy, based on the findings in the gap analysis.
  • Implemented a customer feedback loop to ensure continuous improvements are identified and implemented.
  • Invested in a Business Excellence team who are responsible for reviewing key areas of CBS and identifying efficiencies in process and improvements to timeliness of service.

Fines Enforcement and Recovery Unit - service improvements

System enhancements were made to introduce adequate notice days to ensure enforcement notice did not progress when payment made/payment arrangement established. Staff feedback and additional training provided to improve on professional behaviour and information.