The State Planning Commission has released its Report into the inaugural review of the state's Environment and Food Production Areas (EFPA).

The Report, which is now available on the PlanSA portal and Commission website, was prepared following a two-staged review process involving a land supply analysis and a nine-week public consultation process.

Newly appointed Commission Chair, Craig Holden said: "I'm pleased to confirm that in addition to outlining the outcomes of the Review, the Report signifies the completion of the first ever review of the state's EFPA.

"The Commission thanks the stakeholders and the South Australian community, especially those residing and working within the EFPA, for their invaluable input into the first ever review of our state's invaluable food producing and rural areas.

"The significant feedback we received played a crucial role in informing the review process and in subsequent key findings," he said.

The EFPA Review focused on addressing variations to the EFPA boundaries identified as anomalies and/or trivial (minor) in nature.

"Given the limited scope of the relevant test in the legislation to vary boundaries, the Commission has endorsed 23 boundary variations and/or minor technical corrections and administrative updates to boundaries," said Mr Holden.

The Commission has finalised its recommendations in the Report under section 7(9) of the Act, which has been furnished to the Minister for Planning and Local Government.

The proposed boundary variations will be implemented in 2022, including subsequent amendment to the EFPA Overlay in the Planning and Design Code, subject to the required legislative steps.

The EFPA was brought into operation in April 2017 under the Planning, Development and Infrastructure Act 2016 requiring the Commission to review the EFPA every 5 years. The next five year Review is due in 2027.

Read the EFPA Review Outcomes Report and learn more about the EFPA.