South Australians are being encouraged to have their say on what steps should be taken to ensure efforts to combat an insidious form of domestic violence are successful.

The Attorney-General's Department today released a discussion paper looking at the measures needed to support the implementation of a criminal offence of coercive control, should it be introduced in South Australia.

Coercive control is an often unreported type of domestic violence where an abuser seeks to control someone's behaviour.

This could be by attempting to isolate them from friends and family, controlling their finances or attempting to control how they behave.

Coercive control is not a standalone offence in South Australia. This discussion paper explores what implementation processes would be needed should there be a move to criminalise coercive control in the future.

The discussion paper seeks South Australians' views on a range of issues, including the current levels of support, perceptions of coercive control and the best ways to raise awareness of the issue in the broader community.

The discussion paper and details on how to make a submission are available on the AGD website.

Submissions are open until 1 April.