The AGD Strategic Plan sets out the purpose of AGD and its goals for 2022-24.

The Strategic Plan is intended to:

  • describe the purpose and vision for the department
  • set out high level, measurable goals
  • acknowledge the diversity of the business conducted across the department
  • provide a reference point for stakeholders and the public about the department, our priorities and how we intend to conduct our business
  • reflect priorities in terms of inclusiveness and diversity, collaboration, use of technology, mobility and flexibility, and recognition and reward.


South Australia is safe, fair and the best place to live, work and do business.


We make a difference ensuring South Australia thrives by developing laws and policy, and delivering services that enable and support economic growth, safety and justice in the community.

We deliver efficient and appropriate services to our customers, including the public service, in a way that is responsive, inclusive and collaborative.

We do this through 6 key goals:

  1. Safe and thriving communities
  2. Fairly administered laws
  3. An efficient and effective justice system
  4. Our people meet customer needs
  5. Progressive technology and supportive infrastructure
  6. Shape the future workforce

Download the AGD Strategic Plan 2022-24 (PDF, 319.7 KB)

AGD Strategic Plan 2022-24