The Attorney-General’s Department (AGD) first became a White Ribbon accredited workplace in June 2016. Today, we continue the work to stop violence against women and children.

As a department we:

  • champion ideas that support gender equality
  • assign resources to identify risks and improve safety in the workplace
  • develop strategies to promote White Ribbon and encourage staff to join in
  • train staff in preventing violence and how to respond if someone confides in them
  • review workplace policies and procedures to support victims of domestic violence.

We continue to develop and review our policies and work plans to make sure we promote a culture of zero tolerance towards violence against women and children. This also means our staff can feel safe. It means that AGD is respectful place to work where women can excel as professionals.

Violence against women defined

White Ribbon defines men’s violence against women the same way as the United Nations Declaration on the Elimination of Violence against Women:

‘any act of gender-based violence that results in, or is likely to result in, physical, sexual or psychological harm or suffering to women, including threats of such acts, coercion or arbitrary deprivations of liberty, whether occurring in public or private life’.

The impact of this violence on women can be physical, sexual and psychological.

1 in 2 women have experienced sexual harassment during her lifetime.

Over 60% of women experiencing violence from a current partner are working.

Violence against women can also result in death: women die from the negative health effects of violence and some are killed.

It affects women’s well-being and prevents them from fully participating in society. It also impacts on families, the community and the nation.

Support and assistance

South Australian Police 
Phone Triple Zero (000) ask for the police (life-threatening or urgent situations)

Police attendance 
Phone 131 444 (non-urgent assistance)

Domestic Violence Crisis Line
Phone 1800 800 098 (24 hours crisis counselling, support and referral to safe accommodation)

Phone 1800 737 732 (sexual assault, domestic and family violence counselling)

Further Information about domestic and family violence and sexual assault services are available on

AGD initiatives

AGD is actively working to stop violence against women. We use our programs as an opportunity to stand up to violence against women.

We also raise awareness about White Ribbon with our staff and violence against women in the community and the workplace.

Through this work, women and men who work at AGD can better understand the complex issues around violence against women. As an agency, we are actively committed to its end.

Statement of Commitment to White Ribbon (PDF, 383.9 KB)

AGD develops laws and policy that support safety, diversity, fairness and justice in the community. Many of our 'business-as-usual' initiatives are designed to make our workplace and community a safer place for women.

We assess and pay claims by women who have been subjected to domestic violence. Interim payments to meet urgent needs related to a claim are offered in some circumstances.

We also provide advice to the Attorney-General regarding requests for 'ex gratia payments' - voluntary payments - by women who have been subjected to domestic abuse, but no offence has been proven in court.

The CSO Victims of Crime team also liaises with victims support groups, providing information about compensation and the process of submitting a claim.

The number of times someone can change their name during their lifetime is usually limited to 3. However, we consider applications outside the usual policy for anyone trying to escape domestic violence.

Our communications team design communications such as website content, posters and fact sheets to engage staff and to actively raise awareness of White Ribbon.

At Victims of Crime SA, we:

  • advocate for and help all victims of violence including, family and domestic violence.
  • provide public education about supporting victims of violence, including Twitter.
  • work with government and non-government agencies to address family and domestic violence issues and to support communication strategies.

At the Office of the Public Advocate (OPA), our staff are trained to respond to domestic violence so we can:

  • identify clients at high risk of violence and put strategies in place to keep them safe.
  • liaise with women's and DV services on behalf of our clients
  • seek assistance from the Crown Solicitors Office regarding intervention orders
  • maintain a close working relationship with the public protection branch of SAPOL.

OPA is Guardian of Last Resort for people with a mental incapacity. This allows us to make decisions on how to protect our clients from abuse.

Special leave with pay is available for women working at AGD who are experiencing domestic/relationship violence.

Through the Workplace Equality and Respect Project, we work with government departments to make sure they have the right knowledge, skills and tools to prevent violence against women. This applies to both the workplace and across our community.

Each of the 24 government agencies who are part of the WER Project are carrying out their Gender Equality and Respect Action Plan. This aligns with Our Watch’s best practice Workplace Equality and Respect Standards.

All agencies achieved re-accreditation as White Ribbon workplaces in 2021.

We see examples of this type of violence through sexual assaults and incidents of domestic violence in our forensic casework. Sexual assault cases involving unknown offenders are of high priority.

We support victims by providing quick forensic results to help police investigations and improve the chance of a successful outcome.