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SA Classification Council

A national scheme for the classification of films, publications and computer games applies in South Australia.

Film, videotape, publication and computer games available in South Australia have classifications. If you are not happy about a classification you should contact the National Classification Board.

Contact National Classification Board


02 9289 7100


National Classification Board

Further action

If you're not satisfied with the response from the Classification Board, you can also complain to SA Classification Council (SACC). SACC can consider the complaint and can decide whether to classify the item differently. Read about how to complain to the SACC (PDF 44KB).


South Australian Classification Council

GPO Box 464, Adelaide, SA, 5001


agd [at] agd.sa.gov.au

Exemption for films screening at a film festival or event

Some unclassified films that are screened at a film festival or event require an exemption from the National Classification Board. Films that have already been classified in Australia do not require an exemption to screen.