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CCTV Grants program

The CCTV (closed circuit television) Grants program offered local councils up to $100,000 in grant funding to implement CCTV infrastructure to improve safety, prevent crime, and reduce the fear of crime. 

The 2018 CCTV grants applications are now open. 

$500,000 per annum has been committed to fund the grants program, which must be matched dollar for dollar by the local council.  

This financial year, the program moved from a fixed window for applications to an ongoing process. The aim was to give local councils more flexibility in their planning processes, while encouraging greater implementation of CCTV projects throughout the state.

For all enquiries, including technical assistance with the online application process, please contact the grants officer on (08) 8463 4364 or by agdpolicy [at] sa.gov.au (subject: CCTV%20Grants%20Program) (email).