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Previous CCTV grant winners

A list of successful CCTV (close circuit television) grant applicants from the past two years can be found below. 

2016 CCTV grant winners

Adelaide City Council

Safer Path C - The Green Room project

The Green Room on Produce Lane runs from Hindley Street to Morphett Street in the West End. Multiple complementary strategies are planned to activate the space and encourage legitimate users into the area with the option of engagement with Encounter Youth's Green team.

Public art and creative lighting will enhance a sense of place for space users and a safer laneway for pedestrians. CCTV will offer additional monitoring of the space through the City Safe public network.

Amount received: $50,000

City of Onkaparinga

The Minkarra Skate/Dog Park CCTV project

To install 20 CCTV cameras at Minkarra Park in response to several police-reported incidences of arson, assaults and drug and alcohol related activity since 2014. The cameras will provide 360 degree coverage of the park from the western boundary of the dog area to the eastern boundary of the car park using Hikvision high definition megapixel IP cameras, which provide high resolution images to a secure data storage facility. 

The presence of CCTV will be publicised to act as a crime prevention initiative, and as a useful detection tool to assist the police in identifying and prosecuting offenders.

Amount received: $20,521

City of Playford

The Playford Alive Town Park CCTV installation project

The project involves the installation of 3 CCTV cameras (including one high-powered camera) within the Playford Alive Town Park. The purpose of the CCTV is to assist with addressing the increasing levels of vandalism that has been experienced in the park since it opened in June 2015. 

This will complement the Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) initiatives that were incorporated into the park’s design, such as the ‘open’ design that facilitates visibility throughout the space, passive surveillance as well as activation of space through community events.

Amount received: $36,002

City of Port Lincoln

Upgrading the CCTV network project

The City of Port Lincoln has 6 CCTV linked to the council office and police station with vision recorded via an analogue system. This project will upgrade to an IP solution with vision transmitted via the web in real time and saved direct to a PC. 

There is scope for incidents to be viewed in real time via personal electronic devices by officers on patrol, and for monitoring at other major Local Service Area (LSA) stations, relaying incidents direct to patrol cars, as a way of rationalising man power.

Amount received: $36,500

City of Salisbury

The St Kilda Safety CCTV project

The St Kilda Adventure Playground $3.55million renewal project is currently in its final weeks of the second and third stages of works involving new slides and a grand new interactive castle to complement existing finished landscaping, family amenities and play equipment. 

The City of Salisbury has an Aviligon CCTV system operating at St Kilda. However, additional CCTV is needed to ensure we can continue to monitor the safety and protection of vulnerable persons, our local community, a state tourism drawcard that is now much more than an adventure playground; it’s an open interactive public space encouraging education, activity and imagination.

Amount received: $55,000

Mid Murray Council

Mannum Main Street Precinct CCTV system project

Enhances existing security related infrastructure via increased CCTV surveillance resulting in increased community safety and improved crime detection.

The area is a large tourist destination in the Mannum township and is used by vast groups of people. The project will assist in preventing crime in the Mannum Main Street through visible CCTV presence. The community, through the Mannum Neighbourhood Watch, local SAPOL, Mannum Progress Association and Council has identified the need to have in-fill CCTV cover. 

This will discourage ongoing crime, antisocial behaviour, increase detection of offenders and encourage greater active community use and ownership of community facilities.

Amount received: $32,230

2015 CCTV grant winners

Adelaide City Council

Improving CCTV outcomes project

This project aims to reduce the incidence and seriousness of crimes against the person (including alcohol-related violence) through improving the effectiveness and efficiency of Adelaide City Council's monitored City Safe CCTV network. The project has two key aspects: 

  • the implementation of key performance indicator (KPI) software for recording and reporting on KPIs relating to the performance of the CCTV network and operators (who monitor the network) 
  • the trial and implementation of video analytics software on the network.

Video analytics is designed to 'learn' the usual behaviours based on the motion flow in a camera's field of view. Once a 'normal' is established, the software will alert security personnel to abnormal event detection, such as vandalism or theft. 

Amount received: $95,000

City of Holdfast Bay

Holdfast Bay Costal CCTV upgrade

In 2014 the City of Holdfast upgraded its beachside coastal walk linking the south of the jurisdiction to the north.

While the northern part of Holdfast Bay (Glenelg) has developed its CCTV coverage due to the dry area and entertainment precinct, the south of the jurisdiction has fallen behind. As Brighton and Seacliff (also dry areas) are significantly growing in popularity (thus bringing an increase of minor offences) the council seeks $60,000 to broaden its surveillance network to include identified areas both along the coastal walk as well as in some prominent coastal reserves.

Amount received: $60,000

City of Mitcham

Windy Point - Lynton CCTV

Install CCTV cameras and associated lighting at Windy Point car park to reduce vandalism of council property and improve community safety. There are personal safety and hoon driving issues, with the restaurant often reporting concerns of staff and patrons.

The benefits will be a reduction in the high number of vandalism incidents and improvements in public safety for the community.

Amount received: $25,000

City of Salisbury

Salisbury Oval/Jack Young Centre Precinct

The ‘Salisbury Oval Safer Precinct’ supports the City of Salisbury's focus on urban regeneration, place activation, and promotion of healthy, active lifestyles by ensuring that Salisbury is a safe and vibrant place to live, work and play.

This project proposes to enhance security related infrastructure via improved lighting, CCTV capabilities and crime prevention through environmental design landscaping to support safer place activation of Salisbury Oval, Memorial Street, the Seniors' Centre and RSL, directly linking Salisbury Interchange.

The proposed CCTV and related elements will assist in discouraging ongoing crime and antisocial behaviours and help to encourage greater active community use and ownership of these facilities.

Amount received: $35,000

City of Salisbury

Salisbury CBD - CCTV Net

The ‘Salisbury CBD - CCTV Net’ demonstrates the City of Salisbury's focus on urban regeneration and place activation by promoting Salisbury as a safe and vibrant place to live, work and play.

This project enhances security related infrastructure via increased CCTV surveillance within the Salisbury CBD area, encouraging increased place activation of the city centre between Anne and Gawler Streets, incorporating most access routes directly feeding Salisbury's CBD.

Proposed installations will discourage ongoing crime and antisocial behaviours, increase detection of offenders and help to encourage greater active community use and ownership of community facilities.

Amount received: $88,000

District Council of Ceduna

CCTV system renewal
Purchase and installation of new digital CCTV cameras in the Ceduna central business district and Ceduna Airport, in addition to two portable cameras that are wirelessly linked.

Install monitoring, recording and control hardware at the Ceduna Council office and the Ceduna police station.

Amount received: $53,000

The Flinders Ranges Council

CCTV for our communities

The installation of CCTV cameras in the Quorn and Hawker communities will enable council to promote community safety and reduce antisocial behaviour such as hoon driving and vandalism.

Amount received: $50,000

Mount Gambier

City of Mount Gambier CCTV project

Upgrading and extending the City of Mount Gambier’s CCTV surveillance camera system. The City of Mount Gambier is committed to assisting the Mount Gambier police (SAPOL) in crime prevention, particularly vandalism, and antisocial behaviors that are common in Mount Gambier’s popular public spaces.

The City of Mount Gambier has a number of existing CCTV cameras in various locations, however, SAPOL often report incidents where existing CCTV cameras have failed to provide enough visual quality to identify both suspects and victims of crime. Research and community consultation are also an essential part of this project.

Amount received: $40,000