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Legislation is a crucial part of the justice system. It sets standards that govern people’s actions and is used to allow, deny and regulate certain activities. 

Who drafts legislation?

Changes to existing legislation or the creation of new laws must first be formally proposed by a member of Parliament. The law is then drafted as a Bill, which is submitted to be considered by Parliament.

The Office of the Parliamentary Counsel, a division of the Attorney-General's Department (AGD), provides specialist services for maintaining and drafting laws and advising the government on legislative matters. The office drafts legislation for government and for private members of Parliament.

Legislative Services, which is a business unit within AGD, drafts Bills requested by the Attorney-General. Legislative Services does not draft legislation for other ministers or private members.

Once a Bill has been passed by Parliament, it becomes an Act or amends an existing Act.

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Current Bills

The following Bills fall under the responsibility of the Attorney-General, and are currently open for consultation or are before Parliament.

Past Bills

The following Bills fall under the responsibility of the Attorney-General and have been passed by the Parliament of South Australia. 

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