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South Australia's Justice Agenda

South Australia's Justice Agenda highlights the work that has been done to date and lays the foundations for work yet to come. 

Our priorities

The Justice Agenda May 2020 update (PDF 3MB) shows the significant progress in improving criminal laws, consumer protections and liquor and gambling regulations. 

The agenda comprises 6 key priority areas. 

Protecting South Australians

Keeping South Australians safe by ensuring domestic violence is not tolerated, supporting victims of crime and rehabilitating young offenders.

Initiatives currently underway include:

  • South Australia's response to the Child Sexual Abuse Royal Commission
  • Youth Treatment Orders

Initiatives already completed include:

  • Laws to support the Government's COVID-19 response
  • Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme (DVDS)
  • Tougher laws to combat domestic violence
  • Allowing bodycam footage to be admissible in court
  • Participating in the National Redress Scheme
  • Making it easier for victims of crime to access compensation
  • Cracking down on nitrous oxide sales
  • Carly's Law
  • Tough anti-terror measures and helping security agents respond to terror attacks
  • Maintaining a strong police presence in the CBS
  • Getting tough on child pornography
  • Protecting emergency service workers
  • Tougher penalties for farm trespassers
Strong penalties and effective solutions
Tough penalties for serious offences, keeping the community safe from high risk offenders and sentencing reform that protects the community and supports effective rehabilitation. Initiatives include:
  • Tougher penalties for drug offences
  • Streamlining psychiatric court assessment services
  • Better protections against child sex offenders
  • Stronger home detention laws
  • Sentencing discount scheme review
 A court system built to last
Modernising our courts to meet not just our current needs, but those well into the future. Initiatives include:
  • Redeveloping our courts
  • Modernising our court system
  • Establishing a dedicated Court of Appeal
Modern liquor and gambling laws

The hospitality sector is an integral part of the South Australian economy. Delivering contemporary, effective liquor and gambling laws will help get the balance right between supporting the sector and protecting the community.

Initiatives currently underway include:

  • Reforming gambling regulation
  • Modernised gambling laws
  • Better protection for problem gamblers

Initiatives already completed include:

  • A single liquor and gambling regulator
  • Barring order reforms
  • Ask for Angela
Supporting consumers
Delivering better protections for South Australian consumers. Initiatives include:
  • New consumer protections
  • Supporting residential parks residents
  • Increasing accountability in the property management sector
  • Increasing transparency in petrol pricing
Keeping the law and our policies current and relevant

Making sure our justice policies and legislation reflect contemporary South Australian needs.

Initiatives currently underway include:

  • Surrogacy reforms
  • Reforming provocation laws
  • Modernising abortion laws
  • Reviewing major indictable reforms
  • Strengthening transparency in the ICAC
  • Improving lobbyist laws
  • Modernising Freedom of Information laws
  • Reviewing the Police Complaints At
  • Reforming labour hire laws
  • Reforming succession laws
  • Reviewing forfeiture laws
  • Reviewing the Royal Commissions Act

Initiatives already completed include: 

  • Better protections for whistleblowers
  • Protecting journalists and their sources
  • Returning the Public Trustee to its core business
  • Restoring community legal services to the Riverland
  • Supporting the Aged Care and Disability Royal Commissions
  • Disbanding the SA Classification Council
  • Reforming suppression laws
  • Encouraging treatment for fines debtors
  • Simplifying the processes for debtors