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Making a boundary change proposal

The Local Government Boundaries Commission is responsible for investigating council boundary change proposals. 

Who can make a proposal?

Proposals are usually submitted to the Commission by local councils or members of the public, but can also be submitted by the Minister or Parliament.

Members of the public can submit a proposal to the Commission to consider:

  • council boundary alterations
  • changes in the composition of a council or its representative structure
  • including unincorporated land into a council.

Members of the public cannot initiate a council amalgamation or the creation of a new council. 

Guidelines for preparing a proposal

The following guidelines describe how to submit a proposal, and the process used by the Commission to receive, assess and progress council boundary change proposals. 

These guidelines should be read in conjunction with the Local Government Act 1999.

Council boundary change process

As no two proposals will be the same - and the level of consultation or investigation will differ between proposals - the Commission cannot provide timeframes for the boundary change process.

Stage 1
Potential proposal

The council or individual submits a potential boundary change proposal to the Commission for feedback.

Commission response

The Commission will determine whether the proponent can proceed to prepare a General Proposal or if further work needs to be undertaken. 
Stage 2
General Proposal

The council or individual submits a more extensive general proposal. 

Commission investigation

The Commission begins an investigation and thoroughly assesses the proposal. This includes public consultation with affected councils and communities.

Inquiry report

The Commission makes a final recommendation in a report that is presented to the Minister for Planning and Local Government.
Final decision
Ministerial decision 

The Minister for Planning and Local Government makes the final decision based on the recommendations made by the Commission.


If the Minister determines the proposal should proceed, it will be forwarded to the Governor with a recommendation that a proclamation be made.

If the Minister determines the proposal should not proceed, a report must be prepared for both Houses of Parliament.

Current proposals

The Commission publishes details of all boundary change proposals it receives.


Local Government Boundaries Commission

GPO Box 2329 Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: (08) 7109 7443

Email: boundaries.commission [at] sa.gov.au