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Changes to council boundaries

The South Australian Local Government Boundaries Commission is the independent body that assesses and investigates council boundary change proposals and makes recommendations to the Minister.

The Commission's responsibilities and procedures are set out in Chapter 3, Part 2 of the Local Government Act 1999.

Sometimes there is confusion between council boundaries and boundaries under planning legislation. Details of planning boundaries and policy can be found at PlanSA.

Boundary change proposals

Boundary change proposals can change the area of a council. Generally, this means altering the area of two or more neighbouring councils - but it can also mean:

  • amalgamating two or more councils
  • abolishing a council and incorporating its area into the areas of two or more councils
  • creating a council.

The Commission can also consider proposals for changing the number of elected members and wards (the representative structure) that makes up a council.  

Who can make a proposal?
Proposals are usually submitted to the Commission by local councils or members of the public, but can also be submitted by the Minister or Parliament.

Members of the public can submit a proposal to the Commission to consider:

- council boundary alterations

- changes in the composition of a council or its representative structure

- including unincorporated land into a council.

However, members of the public cannot initiate a council amalgamation or the creation of a new council. 
What happens after submission?
Once a proposal has been submitted to the Commission, it will assess the proposal in line with the requirements of the Act and Guidelines, and determine whether it will agree to inquire into the proposal.

There are separate processes for administrative proposals and general proposals. See the relevant guidelines for more details. 

The Commission may refuse to inquire into a proposal if it is:

- considered to be vexatious, frivolous or trivial

- not in the public interest

- the same or substantially similar to another proposal

- there is some other good reason to refuse to enquire into a proposal. 

Guidelines for preparing a proposal

The following guidelines describe how to submit a proposal, and the process used by the Commission to receive, assess and progress council boundary change proposals in accordance with the Act. 

The Commission publishes details of all boundary change proposals that it receives.


This policy sets out procedures the commission must follow when publishing documents related to council boundary change proposals.


Potential Proposal

Boundaries Commission Response

Light Regional Council

Light Regional Council Potential Proposal

Response to Light Regional Council

Notification to Affected Councils

Campbelltown City Council

Campbelltown City Council Potential Proposal

Response to Campbelltown City Council

Notification to Adelaide Hills Council

City of Burnside

City of Burnside Potential Proposal

Response to City of Burnside and Adelaide Hills 

Notification to Boral

The Barossa Council

The Barossa Council Potential Proposal

The Barossa Council Potential Proposal - Additional Information

Response to The Barossa Council

Notification to Affected Councils

Town of Gawler

Town of Gawler Potential Proposal

Response to Town of Gawler

Notification to Affected Councils 


Boundaries Commission

GPO Box 2329 Adelaide SA 5001

Phone: (08) 7109 7443

Email: boundaries.commission [at] sa.gov.au