The Councils in Focus website provides a snapshot of South Australia’s local government sector.

You can search for your local council and access a range of information related to:

  • how councils receive revenue — what rates they charge, what grants they receive and other sources of funding
  • what councils spend their money on — key services such as roads, libraries, waste management and other functions
  • each council’s financial position and performance.

The website shows this information over a 5 year period so you can see how your council's revenue and expenditure has changed over time and in comparison to similar councils and the State average.

Visit the Councils in Focus website.

About the project

The South Australian Productivity Commission (SAPC) made a number of recommendations to the State Government about making local government information more accessible to both councils and the community in their Inquiry into Local Government Costs and Efficiency.

To meet this need, the Office of Local Government co-designed the Local Government Information Framework (LGIF) that comes to life for the community in the form of Councils in Focus.