Under an agreement between the Local Government Sector, the State Government and the Federal Government, 15% of each of the road funding programs provided to South Australia are used to provide grants under the Special Local Roads Program.

The three pools of road funding in the Special Local Roads Program are the:

  • Identified Local Road Grants
  • Supplementary Local Road Funding.
  • Special Local Roads component of the Roads to Recovery Program

Grants can be provided to individual councils out of any of the 3 pools of funding that contribute to the Special Local Roads Program.

Identified Local Road Grants

Identified Local Road Grants are distributed based on the application of the National Principles, taking into account the 15% of the pool of funding set aside for the Special Local Roads Program before the remaining 85% is allocated in accordance with the Commission’s methodology.

Changes in the allocation of Identified Local Road Grants from one year to the next are not generally constrained and the calculations provided below generally represent the final estimated allocations.

Details on the methodology used to allocate the Identified Local Road Grants can be found in the Commission’s Annual Report.

Identified Local Road Grants - Summary (PDF, 122.0 KB)

Supplementary Local Road Funding

The Supplementary Local Road Funding program is an additional allocation of road funding provided only to South Australia.

This funding is provided to address the inequity that exists in the allocation of the Identified Local Road Grants to South Australia.

South Australia receives 5.5% of the national allocation and local government maintains approximately 11.8% of the National local road network and has approximately 7% of the population.

2021-22 Supplementary Local Road Funding (PDF, 111.6 KB)

Special Local Roads Program

The Special Local Roads Program provides funding for roads of regional significance.

Projects identified by councils are referred to the relevant regional Local Government Authority or the Metropolitan Strategic Roads Committee (MSRC) who assess regional priorities.

The regional LGA’s and the MSRC submit proposals to the Local Government Transport Advisory Panel (LGTAP) for assessment. The LGTAP then makes recommendations to the Grants Commission for approval by the State and Federal Ministers.

The following provides a summary of current Special Local Road grants approved by the Federal Minister for the respective year.

Special Local Roads Program 2021-22 (PDF, 164.9 KB)