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Local government reform

Over the last few years, South Australia’s system of local government has been under review.

The Statutes Amendment (Local Government Review) Act passed Parliament and received the Governor's assent on 17 June 2021. 

When commenced, the Act will amend a range of laws related to local government in South Australia including:

Key reforms

The major reforms in the Amendment Act are based on ideas submitted during the Local Government Reform Program consultation that was held in early 2019. 

Some of the key reforms include:

  • a new conduct management framework for council members
  • an expansion of expert, independent advice to councils on a range of critical financial and governance matters
  • a modern approach to public consultation
  • a range of improvements to regulation to reduce councils’ costs.

Staged commencement

The local government reforms will commence in stages. 

The first stage of the reforms was included in a proclamation on 16 August 2021, which included two commencement dates: 

Other reforms will be commenced by further proclamations, with one proposed in late 2021 that will set a number of commencement dates. 

Impact on current legislation

The following lists the relevant legislation and how it will be impacted by the Amendment Act and Variation Regulations.  

These marked-up versions are provided for reference purposes only. 

Local Government Act 1999
Local Government (Elections) Act 1999
City of Adelaide Act 1998