The Office of Local Government consults with local councils and provides advice on the constitution and operations of local government, particularly the legal framework for councils' operation.

Local government in South Australia is made up of 68 councils, which make decisions and deliver services to their communities without intervention from the state government.

Legal framework

The following Acts establish the legal framework that local councils operate within:

The codes of conduct also outline responsibilities for those working within local councils.

Code of Conduct for Council Members (PDF 206KB)

Code of Conduct for Council Employees (PDF 41KB)

Consulting with local councils

The Consultation Flowchart - Legislative Proposals sets out the processes for developing legislative proposals, which impact local government.

The Consultation Flowchart - Legislative Proposals (PDF, 81.5 KB)

It brings state and local government together to work closely on legal change.

A summary paper provides an overview of the process and sets out the role of state government in developing legislative change affecting local government.

Summary paper accompanying flowchart (PDF, 38.2 KB)

Contact the Office of Local Government

Phone: (08) 7109 7145

Postal address:

Office of Local Government
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