These documents explain key processes for local councils and relevant reports by the Office of Local Government.

Guidance papers

Guidance Paper No. 1 - Appointing a Chief Executive Officer (PDF, 290.9 KB)

Guidance Paper No. 2 - Section 237 Removal of Vehicles (PDF, 253.5 KB)

Guidance Paper No. 3 - Subsidiaries - Ministerial Approval (PDF, 265.2 KB)

Guidance Paper No. 4 - Caretaker Conventions for Local Government Elections (PDF, 269.4 KB)

Guidance Paper No. 5 - Community Land Revocation (PDF, 381.0 KB)

Discussion papers

Explanatory Paper - Local Government (Rate Oversight) Amendment Bill 2018 (PDF, 466.2 KB) and Local Government (Rate Oversight) Amendment Bill 2018

Explanatory Paper - Local Government (Boundary Adjustment) Amendment Act 2017 (PDF, 328.2 KB)

Explanatory Paper - Local Government (Boundary Adjustment) Amendment Bill 2016 (PDF, 636.9 KB)

Council Members' Personal Interests - Discussion Paper (PDF, 175.3 KB)

Local Government in South Australia: Improving Governance - Discussion Paper (PDF, 250.7 KB)


Community Engagement Handbook (PDF, 1.3 MB) provides councils with a model framework for effective planning and implementation of processes

Community Engagement Showcase (PDF, 966.8 KB) highlights leading practice examples of councils engaging their communities

Local Government Boundary Reform Board Final Report - September 1998 (PDF, 1.8 MB)

Review of local government elections

Review of 2014 Local Government Elections - Discussion Paper and Table (PDF, 212.9 KB)

November 2011 - Report on Local Government Elections 2010 (PDF, 96.4 KB)

March 2008 - Independent Review of Local Government Elections (PDF, 760.6 KB)

February 2001 - Report on Local Government Elections 2000 (PDF, 325.1 KB)