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Review of major indictable reforms

A review of the way serious criminal charges are handled began in March 2019. Following the review, the Hon Brian Martin AO QC submitted the findings to the Attorney-General.

Review summary

Recommendations in the report include:

  • prescribed time limits for disclosing and determining charges
  • a progress check before a judicial registrar in some circumstances
  • mandatory conferences
  • legal officers from the Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions to appear at second appearances and thereafter, not SA Police
  • sexual assault cases involving child complainants to be prioritised
  • more flexibility in the timetable between committal and arraignment in a superior court.
About the reforms
The major indictable reforms were designed to help resolve major criminal matters earlier and improve the flow of matters through the courts. However, members of the legal community were concerned that the scheme had the opposite effect.

The review suggested that while it was too early to draw conclusions or discern trends, improvements could be made. It was expected that the reforms would improve the flow of matters through the Magistrates Court.