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Oversight and advocacy for child protection

1 September 2016

The draft Children and Young People (Oversight and Advocacy Bodies) Bill 2016 (PDF 182KB) aims to strengthen the oversight of child protection matters in South Australia, and ensure greater advocacy for the rights and wellbeing of children.

In accordance with recommendations from the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission, the Bill establishes the independent Commissioner for Children and Young People, in addition to the Child Development Council. It also consolidates the work of the Guardian for Children and Young People and the Child Death and Serious Injury Committee into a single Act of Parliament.

The proposed laws will address gaps in the oversight of child protection in South Australia and improve advocacy for the interests of children and young people. The Bill aims to ensure that the voices of children and young people are heard, and that their wellbeing and safety are comprehensively protected. The changes also address issues surrounding the monitoring, referral and review of child protection matters and system-level issues.   

The reforms seek to implement recommendations 245-248 and 250-253 of the Child Protection Systems Royal Commission report, The life they deserve



Community and expert feedback on the Bill was sought, with consultation closing on 15 September 2016. Participants who previously made a submission regarding the powers and functions of the Children’s Commissioner also had their feedback taken into account as part of this consultation.