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CBS accepting labour hire licence applications

6 June 2019

Consumer and Business Services will re-commence accepting applications from labour hire businesses requiring a licence under South Australia’s existing laws from June 14 this year.

Labour hire providers will have until 31 August 2019 to lodge an application with the Commissioner.

Commissioner for Consumer Affairs Dini Soulio said he had been awaiting some certainty in relation to the future of the legislation, before electing to reopen applications.

“We have also endeavoured to act on the feedback we have received from businesses and industry stakeholders,” he said.

“One of the key pieces of feedback received was that many businesses that do not provide labour hire would be unnecessarily caught up in this regulatory scheme.

“I have granted some additional exemptions so that businesses that were not intended to be captured under the scheme will not have to apply for a licence.”

Mr Soulio said businesses will not be required to apply for a labour hire licence if:

  • the provision of labour hire services is not a core function of the business (for example, a doctor’s surgery who provides  doctors, or nursing staff, to  work in another surgery or hospital)
  • the business provides workers to another business within the same group of companies
  • the business is providing workers to work in another business, where both are part of the same franchise
  • the business is supplying workers to work in another business that is not part of a franchise but where they are collectively operating using the same banner, branding or trading name

“To date, 110 businesses have applied for a licence. Application fees for any applicants who no longer require a licence as a result of the additional exemptions will be refunded,” he said.

“Where relevant staff within a labour hire business have not completed the necessary training, they will be given 12 months to complete that training – or their licence will be revoked.

“I’d encourage all relevant businesses to ensure they have applied for a licence before the end of August.”

Businesses wishing to find out more can visit https://www.cbs.sa.gov.au/campaigns/labour-hire-laws or call CBS for advice on 131 882.