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Cutting labour hire red tape

21 September 2018

The State Government will seek to repeal labour hire licensing laws, amid concerns over the effectiveness of the scheme.

Over 700 industry groups and relevant industries have been contacted this week by the Attorney General to inform them of the intention to repeal the Labour Hire Licencing Act 2017.

The Government began reviewing the laws, after submissions were received from a number of stakeholders who believed there were issues with the scope of the scheme.

“If we were to proceed with this scheme as it stands, there would be a high likelihood we would be regulating industries and business arrangements that extend well beyond was is reasonably required and where issues lie," Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said.

“For example, short term, adhoc arrangements between businesses like a farmer assisting another farmer with picking crops or a concreter assisting another concreter for the day would be covered – which should absolutely not be the case.

“Instead, those industries which are typically high risk would potentially not be covered, like fruit picking.

"We do however appreciate there are high risk industries where unscrupulous labour hire tactics exist and this needs to be resolved.

“A taskforce has been established to assess the adequacy of existing laws, under Work Health and Safety and Return to Work, to ensure that high risk industries can be properly targeted, without disadvantaging industries using appropriate and legal labour hire.

“Should that taskforce recommend that changes be made to our existing laws, this will form part of the repeal bill to be introduced into Parliament later this year.

“We will endeavour to progress the repeal bill as a matter of priority, to give more certainty to those businesses that have been caught up in this scheme.

Consumer and Business Services (CBS) have received 119 applications for a labour hire licence since the Act passed, but have determined, due to the ambiguity of the legislation, not to grant any of the applications.

CBS will no longer accept payments for licence applications, pending the outcome of the parliamentary process.