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Dr Paul Pigou awarded Public Service Medal in the 2016 Australia Day Honours

28 January 2016

A Forensic Science SA (FSSA) veteran and renowned expert in testing of illicit drugs and explosives has received a Public Service Medal for his contribution to forensic science and achievement towards public safety.

For nearly 30 years, Dr Paul Pigou has dedicated his work to FSSA. His extensive research into clandestine laboratories, illicit drugs and explosives has seen him travel around the world, training and sharing his knowledge.

Dr Paul PigouDr Pigou’s research and work has supported SAPOL and emergency services personnel in understanding new processes to safely dismantle clandestine laboratories.

His specialisation in explosives has seen him work closely with some of the States most high-profile cases such as NCA bombing in 1994 and the 2006 Gladstone bombing. His expertise has recently led him to contributing to multiple counter-terrorism projects for National Security.

After completing his studies at Flinders University, Dr Pigou maintains a close connection, mentoring, lecturing and supervising. His widespread knowledge also finds him lecturing chemists and providing training for South Australia’s emergency personnel.

His initial plan to move on from the FSSA after 2 years turned into 30 year career with the Department admitting it’s a great place to work. Working with SAPOL allows him to work in the field and gain insight into sections of society.

Dr Pigou acknowledges his colleagues for their exceptional work and believes that none of what he has achieved could have been done without their help and contribution.

Congratulations to Dr Pigou on his award and his outstanding contribution.