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Helping venues make the most of eased restrictions

28 May 2020

Wineries, pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants will be able to seek to temporarily change or expand their licensed footprint, as part of measures aimed at helping the hospitality sector adjust to imminent changes to restrictions on non-essential businesses

From Monday, licensed premises will be able to have up to 20 customers per indoor or outdoor area with up to a maximum of 80 customers on the premises - provided customers can distance themselves appropriately and meet the requirement limiting capacity to one person per four square metres. 

Attorney-General, Vickie Chapman said the changes would help the hospitality sector get back on its feet, following the imposition of public health measures aimed at minimising the risk of spreading the coronavirus (COVID-19). 

"While these measures have clearly been necessary to protect South Australians from this devastating virus, we are acutely aware that the sector has suffered as a result," Attorney-General Chapman said. 

"To help venues best utilise their premises in a safe way, we'll be allowing licensed venues to apply for a short-term licence that will help them amend or expand their trading area. 

"This will be available to licensed venues at no cost and, if approved, could allow the consumption of a liquor, seated at a table, in a part of the premises that previously wasn't covered by the licence - whether that's a separate room, an expanded existing outdoor area or a new outdoor area.

"The short term licence application will not involve the usual application processes to amend a licensed area.

"Approvals will be in place for 6 months after which licensees wishing to do so could apply for a permanent change through the normal process.

"The Liquor and Gambling Commissioner will work with local Council areas to ensure the appropriate approvals are in place for use of any Council land.

Attorney-General Chapman said that all licensed venues that can offer food and beverages seated at a table will be able to apply for the short-term licence. 

Venues can apply for a licence by heading to the SA.GOV website