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Laws to crack-down on fine dodgers introduced

1 May 2013

A new agency with extensive powers to recover money from fine dodgers is the centrepiece of new laws to be introduced into Parliament today.

The laws would establish the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Office, an agency with the sole responsibility of recovering unpaid fines.

Proposed measures available to the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Office would include:

  • selling of a debtors home or place of residence;
  • garnishing of personal income;
  • publishing of debtor names on a website as a means to locate them;
  • suspending a debtor’s driver’s licence or preventing further registration; and
  • clamping and impounding of vehicles.

As of March 2013, South Australia had $275 million under management with the Fines Payment Unit.

Of this amount, approximately:

  • $132 million is currently subject to active time-payment arrangements or is not yet due;
  • $103 million is overdue and the debtor has not entered into a time payment or deferral arrangement; and
  • $40 million is currently subject to an outsourced collection arrangement with a specialised debt recovery organisation.

The Statutes Amendment (Penalty Enforcement and Recovery) Bill 2013 will be introduced into the House of Assembly today