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Laws pass to pave way for new fine recovery unit

23 July 2013

South Australia will have a new Fines Enforcement and Recovery Office early next year after legislation passed the Upper House today.

The laws create South Australia's first agency dedicated to the recovery of unpaid fines, with the Unit to operate in a similar manner to a private sector fines recovery office.

The model is also expected to make it easier for people to pay fines which will have benefits for people that suffer from hardship.

Some of the proposed measures available to the Fines Enforcement and Recovery Office include:

  • selling of a debtor's home or place of residence
  • garnishing of personal income
  • publishing of debtor names on a website as a means to locate them and as an enforcement
  • suspending a debtor's driver's licence or preventing further registration 
  • clamping and impounding of vehicles.