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Novelty Vodka is no laughing matter

3 December 2020

A novelty spirit product that may appeal to minors has been temporarily banned from sale in South Australia. 

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said 'Emodka' is a type of vodka sold in yellow emoji-shaped bottles. 

"Christmas is the time when people are searching for gifts for loved ones and colleagues that are often unique, distinctive and humorous," Attorney-General Chapman said. 

"And while this one seems to tick all the boxes - it could pose a risk to minors.

"It is clearly designed as a novelty drink, but the packaging looks similar to confectionery containers and could easily appeal to - or be inadvertently consumed by - children." 

Liquor and Gambling Commissioner Dini Soulio said it was the first time the Government had used this power to prohibit the sale of an alcoholic beverage. 

"The power to temporarily prohibit the sale of these products is available under the Liquor Licensing Act, where that product could have a special appeal to minors, could be mistaken for confectionery or a non-alcoholic drink, or there are other public interest matters to consider," he said. 

"It's not a decision that has been taken lightly.

"The decision to bar the sale of this product for 42 days will give the Government time to consider whether further steps should be taken." 

South Australia is understood to be the first jurisdiction in Australia to temporarily ban Emodka. 

To report concerns about an alcoholic product, contact Consumer and Business Services on 131 882.