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Public consultation now open on Environment and Food Production Areas review

4 June 2021

The State Planning Commission has released its Statement of Position and Review Report as part of its statutory review of the state's Environment and Food Production Areas (EFPA) commencing eight weeks of public consultation from today, Friday 4 June to Friday 30 June 2021. 

The Commission's Statement of Position and EFPA Review Report, which is now available on the PlanSA portal, concludes that there is an adequate provision of land in Greater Adelaide to accommodate housing and employment growth over the next 15 years. 

In reaching this decision, the Commission has also published the Land Supply Reports, which form the evidence base for the EFPA Review. 

In light of the reports' findings, the EFPA Review will now focus on addressing variations to EFPA boundaries that are identified as anomalies and/or are trivial (minor) in nature.

The consultation process will provide landowners on or near the EFPA boundary as well as other interested parties the opportunity to review the reports and make submissions to vary the EFPA boundaries for their respective area/land. As part of the consultation process, a series of community information sessions will be held for people to learn more about the EFPA and how it is relevant to them. 

Commission Chair, Helen Dyer said: "The consultation process gives those residing in or near an EFPA boundary the opportunity to review the findings from our investigation and contribute to the review by making a submission to help protect our state's valued food and wine regions and sustainably plan for our future development and growth across South Australia."

"To support the consultation process, a guide and online submission form is available to step people through the process of submitting a request to vary the EFPA boundaries. We have also released our Statement of Position and the Land Supply Reports which form the evidence base for the EFPA Review."

Following the close of consultation, the Commission will consider the submissions and prepare a report for the Minister for Planning and Local Government, the Honourable Vickie Chapman MP, outlining the outcomes of the review.

All South Australians are encouraged to have their say on the EFPA Review