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Supporting more victims of child sex abuse

1 April 2021

More survivors of institutional child sex abuse in South Australia will be supported after the Marshall Liberal Government agreed to include local governments in the National Redress Scheme.

Attorney-General Vickie Chapman says this will ensure financial support and counselling is available to those who’ve endured historic abuse in South Australian institutions.

“This is a significant step forward in the progress of the National Redress Scheme, extending its scope to cover all 68 local councils and the relevant institutions that they manage,” Attorney-General Chapman said.

“While nothing can undo their horrific experiences, this will help acknowledge what they have been through, and help them access the supports they need,” she said.

Attorney-General Chapman said the cost of any claims against local government institutions would be managed through the $146 million set aside by the State Government to cover payments.

“The Marshall Liberal Government signed up to participate in this important National Scheme in 2018, financing its operation through the Victims of Crime Fund,” she said.

“Addressing the wrongs of the past is a responsibility that South Australian governments share, both State and local. Through this commitment, we are ensuring victims have access to these supports, without potentially overwhelming local government with the cost,” she said.

In two years, the Scheme has received 9,642 applications nationwide, with $414.1 million worth of redress payments made to survivors.

In South Australia, as at March 22, the State Redress Response Unit had received 888 applications, with more than $18.2 million worth of payments made.

Nationally, the average redress payment is $83,783, while in South Australia it is slightly higher at $90,206.44.