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Tougher laws bring new penalty for graffiti vandals

7 February 2013

As a part of new laws being introduced to Parliament today by Attorney General John Rau, if a graffiti vandal were to get caught on multiple occasions, they will face their driver's licence being suspended. 

Further changes to the Graffiti Control Act 2001 include:

  • Higher penalties of $7500 or 18 months’ imprisonment for marking graffiti on memorials, cemeteries or places of worship or religious significance
  • Introducing a new offence of supplying certain graffiti implements to a minor, complementing a ban on the sale of graffiti implements to minors
  • Introducing a new offence of advertising a graffiti implement in a manner that is likely to incite or promote unlawful graffiti.

The laws will come into effect on a date yet to be proclaimed.