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Fair Trading (Ticket Scalping) Amendment Bill 2018

Status: new laws commenced

Reforms under the Fair Trading Act 1987 increase transparency and provide greater consumer protections for tickets re-sold via the secondary market.  It is now an offence to sell a ticket to a sporting or entertainment event in South Australia for an amount that exceeds 110% of the original supply cost of the ticket. 

An event no longer needs to be declared a ‘major event’ in order for the ticket scalping protections to apply.

It is illegal for anyone to:

  • re-sell tickets or advertise the re-sale of tickets at a price that is more than 110% of the original price
  • use ‘ticket bots’ or other software to purchase tickets to an event
  • host a ticket scalping advertisement.

Ticket re-selling will be allowed, as long as the advertised price is capped at 110% of the original supply cost of the ticket and provided that certain information is disclosed in the advertisement.

A six month transition period will ensure that businesses have the necessary measures in place to comply with the new requirements and prevent prohibited advertisements from being published.

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