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Open consultations

We want you to be involved in the decisions that affect your lives and community.

Below is a list of the department’s current projects, reforms and initiatives that are open for consultation. You can also visit the yourSAy website to have your say and influence a range of government decisions.  

The following topics are currently open for consultation:

Fines Enforcement and Debt Recovery Bill 2017.

The Fines Enforcement and Debt Recovery 2017 Bill has been introduced into Parliament and contains a number of proposed changes to the way overdue fines and expiation fees issued by South Australian government agencies are enforced and recovered.

A PDF iconFactsheet on Fines Enforcement and Debt Recovery Bill (PDF 335KB) of the proposed changes has been prepared for this consultation.

Government agencies that may be affected by the proposed changes to civil debt recovery are also encouraged to review the PDF iconFactsheet for gov agencies (PDF 327KB) to inform their written responses.

Stakeholders including government agencies should provide written or email responses to:

helen.ward [at] sa.gov.au (subject: Response%20to%20Fines%20Enforcement%20and%20Debt%20Recovery%20Bill%202017) (Helen Ward)
Senior Legal Officer
Attorney-General’s Department
GPO Box 464, Adelaide

Members of the community are encouraged to access YourSAy to provide feedback and comments on the changes proposed by the Bill.

This Bill will be open for consultation until 1 September 2017.