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Office of the Registrar-General

The Office of the Registrar-General provide oversight to the operations of the Lands Titles Office by Land Services SA.

The Registrar-General, South Australia administers the Real Property Act 1886 (and associated statutes) and policy impacting land transactions.

This includes:

  • maintenance of the integrity of the Land Titles Register Book
  • controlling the assurance fund which underpins the government guarantee of indefeasibility of title
  • setting regulated fees and charges. 

Statutory responsibilities delegated to the state's service provider, Lands Services SA under Section 17 of the Real Property Act 1886 are strictly controlled.

The registrar-general is also responsible for financial governance over the payment model established between the state and Land Services SA, and for the management and oversight of the complex and long term contractual relationship between the state and Land Services SA for the provision of land titling services and valuation services.