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Justice reinvestment

In July and August 2015, the Attorney-General’s Department (with support from PwC’s Indigenous Consulting) consulted with community members, service providers, government, non-government organisations and others about what a trial justice reinvestment project could look like for Port Adelaide. 

What is justice reinvestment?

A local South Australian working definition of justice reinvestment has been developed with the Justice Reinvestment SA Working Group:

  • Justice reinvestment aims to work with communities to reduce the cost of crime and victimisation through prevention and protection measures proven to strengthen public safety and social cohesion over the long term for future generations.
  • Justice reinvestment is a transformative approach that addresses the root causes of crime based on the knowledge that a significant proportion of prisoners and offenders come from, and return to, a small number of communities.

In Australia, justice reinvestment has been advocated as an approach for addressing the over-representation of Aboriginal people in the criminal justice system. 

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