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Liquor licensing reform

The government is reforming the state's liquor laws to reduce red tape and strengthen our laws to minimise alcohol related violence.

South Australia's liquor licensing laws have not been reviewed in 20 years. The state government is seeking to introduce a new and modern liquor licensing system that:

  • reflects contemporary standards and expectations
  • ensures there are adequate safeguards in place to protect the public
  • reduces red tape and administrative burden for industry.

Following consultation with industry and the community, proposed new laws governing South Australia’s liquor licensing system were introduced into state Parliament on 29 March 2017.

More information

For more information about liquor licence changes in South Australia please visit the Consumer and Business Services (CBS) website

What happens next?

Throughout the reform process, the state government will work with industry and the community on the introduction of the new laws.

While the introduction of the Bill outlines the legal framework for the new system, there are areas proposed by the independent review that government is still considering. In addition, amendments will be required to the regulations and the Commissioner’s Codes of Practice.

Amendments expected to be considered as part of the regulations and code include changes to support:

  • new classes of licence, in particular details of the short term licence class and the new annual fee
  • various reforms in the Bill such as minors on licensed premises, the sale of liquor through direct sales (through the internet or by phone), and the new power to enable seizure of an evidence of age document
  • requirements relating to responsible service of alcohol training
  • the offence of selling or supplying liquor to an intoxicated person.

The government will consult with impacted members of  the community during the development of the changes to the regulations and codes of practice, and further information will be provided at that time.

Stakeholders and the community will be updated throughout the reform and are encouraged to check this website regularly for information that may impact them.

Background information

The state government appointed former Supreme Court Justice the Honourable Timothy Anderson QC to conduct a independent review into South Australia’s liquor licensing laws. The public was invited to make submissions to a liquor licensing discussion paper that looked at current laws and industry framework.

Mr Anderson’s report was prepared following extensive consultation with the liquor and hospitality industry, local government another interested groups.

Prior to the introduction of the new Bill in March 2017, the government consulted with the community and stakeholders on proposed changes arising from the review conducted by Mr Anderson.

Below are the submissions received from respondents who did not object to the publication of their submission. Personal information has not been published. Submissions marked as ‘confidential’ have not been published.