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Past projects

Child protection

Changes to the law, at state and national levels, are improving protection for children and young people and providing support to people who have experienced child sexual abuse.

More information about child protection activities is available on the Department of Child Protection website.

Fines Enforcement and Debt Recover Bill 2017

A new bill was introduced into Parliament containing a number of proposed changes to the way overdue fines and expiation fees issued by South Australian government agencies are enforced and recovered. 

Independent review of SACAT

An independent review is being undertaken to assess whether the tribunal's performance and services have met expectations and to suggest improvements. 

Domestic violence discussion paper

Every member of our community can play a role in changing attitudes and breaking down the gender norms and stereotypes that lead to gender-based violence. 

Child Protection Systems Royal Commission

The Child Protection Systems Royal Commission was established in August 2014 to investigate the adequacy of the child protection system in South Australia.

Justice Reinvestment

In July and August 2015, the Attorney-General’s Department (with support from PwC’s Indigenous Consulting) consulted with community members, service providers, government, non-government organisations and others about what a trial justice reinvestment project could look like for Port Adelaide. 

Community and strata titles legislation

The Statutes Amendment (Community and Strata Titles) Act 2012 will change the laws governing community and strata titles in South Australia, to take effect from 28 October 2013.