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Safe communities, healthy neighbourhoods

Communities thrive when people are able to come together in safe, inviting public spaces and when our environment encourages healthy living and well-being.

The focus on Safe Communities, Healthy Neighbourhoods reflects the priorities of the community. ‘Feeling Safe’ was the number one priority identified by the community in the recent consultation about South Australia’s Strategic Plan. ‘Being Proactive in Taking Care of Our Health’ rated fourth. This priority is one of seven strategic priorities that will contribute to the achievement of a number of many of the targets in the South Australia’s Strategic Plan.

The Safe Communities, Healthy Neighbourhoods booklet is available to download. To order a printed copy of the booklet phone 8207 1555.

Safe communities healthy neighbourhoods - booklet (Word 63 KB)

Safe communities healthy neighbourhoods - booklet (PDF 1.81MB)

The following are a selection of initiatives that were developed as part of the Safe Communities, Health Neighbourhoods strategic priority: 

  • bushfire preparedness
  • newly-arrived migrants' education
  • personal alert systems rebate scheme
  • neighbourhood policing teams
  • community kitchen gardens
  • green space for all project
  • greenways
  • my parx app
  • safe city

Bushfire Preparedness

Community Fire Safe is a program coordinated by the Country Fire Service (CFS) that encourages residents living in bushfire risk areas to form small groups and work together in preparing and protecting their families and properties from bushfire. These groups can consist of just a few families living in the same street or area who face a common bushfire threat.

More information: Community Fire Safe groups - Country Fire Service.

Newly-arrived migrants’ education

The Legal Services Commission provides a specialised program for the provision of legal education to people from new and emerging communities. The program works with migrant communities to meet their legal educational needs and ensure access to justice.

More information: Legal education for new migrants - Legal Services Commission.

Personal Alert Systems Rebate Scheme

Older South Australians can access a rebate for a personal alarm which connects them to a 24 hour monitoring centre.

More information: Personal Alert Systems Rebate Scheme - sa.gov.au.

Neighbourhood Policing Teams

Neighbourhood Policing Teams work with local residents, community organisations and Government services to address complex local problems, by engaging with the community and focusing on solving the root cause of these problems.

More information: Neighbourhood Policing Teams - South Australian Police.

Community Kitchen Gardens

Community gardens are a great place to meet people, get out in the fresh air and grow healthy food. South Australia has an abundance of community gardens, with reputedly Australia's oldest community garden in Elizabeth. The State Government’s Community Kitchen Garden Project aims to help existing community gardens attain long term sustainability and at the same time help new gardens to establish themselves and attract volunteers.

More information: Kitchen Gardens SA

Green space for all project

Residents in ‘walkable’ neighbourhoods are more likely .. to trust others and to be involved socially. (Grattan Institute/Leyden)


Providing open spaces and walking and cycle paths is important to ensuring our neighbourhoods are healthy, liveable places. The State Government invested $12 million over four years towards the construction of greenways across Adelaide.

Greenways are dedicated cycling and walking routes that improve access and promote active recreation:

My Parx app

My Parx provides information on state and national parks, with maps, opening hours and how to get there. Also check out the interactive tour and audio trail through the Botanic Gardens in the city:

Safe city

Under the Safe City Policy the State Government committed $4.9 million ensure the city remains a safe place to live and visit. 

The initiative creates a safer pedestrian corridor of laneways from the restaurant/market precinct of Gouger Street, the newly redeveloped Victoria Square, through Hindley Street to the Adelaide Railway Station/Riverbank/Adelaide Oval precinct.

More information: City Safe CCTV Coverage - Adelaide City Council