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Submissions to the wine in supermarkets proposal

Consultation shows wine in supermarkets would benefit duopoly.

26/08/2013 After several months of consulting with industry groups and citizens, the state government has announced that it will not proceed with laws to allow the sale of wine in South Australian supermarkets.

News release:  Consultation shows wine in supermarkets would benefit duopoly (PDF 97KB)

On 27 January 2013, a discussion paper and draft bill proposing to amend the Liquor Licensing Act 1997 to create a new class of liquor licence to allow supermarkets to sell bottled wine was released for public comment. The period for consultation closed on 1 March 2013.

Below are the submissions received from respondents who did not object to the publication of their submission on this website. Personal information and references to third parties in some of the submissions have not been published. Emails sent entitled "Lets Draw the Line" have not been published.

Note: A Redacted submission is a submission for which any identifying details have been removed at the request of the person or organisation that made the submission.

More information

Wine in supermarkets discussion paper

Liquor Licensing (Sale of Wine in Supermarkets) Amendment Bill 2013 (PDF 24KB)

Wine In Supermarkets - Discussion Paper January 2013 (PDF 277KB)

List of submissions