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Data and statistics

A number of Attorney-General's Department business units produce statistics and data throughout the year. A list of those available online is below.


Data on key issues, trends and opportunities are used to inform decision-making on initiatives aimed at improving the performance of South Australia's justice system.

A series of dashboards have been prepared, involving data gathered from government agencies.

Custody data: information over time on the number of prisoners on remand, serving a sentence and discharged by most serious offence.

Courts data: information over time on the number of cases lodged, finalised and pending in the civil and criminal jurisdictions of South Australia's Magistrates and District Courts.


Office of Crime Statistics and Research (OCSAR): OCSAR is responsible for research and monitoring of crime trends and the criminal justice system within South Australia. 

Crime publications and statistics: publications and research papers about the criminal justice system.

Crime Mapper: an interactive application that shows the geographic distribution of offences recorded by police in South Australia. The application allows you to select the type of criminal offences to map, how to measure those offences and the time period of interest. 


Gaming statistics: statistics are provided for the current and previous financial years. Includes revenue, average return to player and a number of venues. 


Liquor statistics: includes the number of liquor licences held in South Australia at the end of the financial year, new licences granted and the number of licences handed back or revoked at the end of the financial year.