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Public online access to government information

The government information on this page including spending, can be accessed without making an Freedom of Information (FOI) request.

Documents relating to the last 12 months are available on this page. If you want to access documents published prior to this (back to July 2013) submit your request to the accredited freedom of information officer.

Latest department proactive disclosures

Credit card statements

Electronic copies of credit card statements will be published monthly for ministers, ministerial staff and the chief executive of AGD. For security reasons, the credit card number has been removed from the statement.

Where a credit card has not been used or a card has not been allocated, a nil return has been recorded.

Minister ministerial staff
 Chief executive

Overseas travel details

Ministerial travel
Departmental travel

Domestic Travel

Domestic travel will be reported when total costs for the trip have been finalised.

Ministerial travel
Chief executive travel

Mobile phone expenditure

Details of mobile phone expenditure for ministers, ministerial staff and the chief executive of AGD are published monthly.

Mobile phone costs

Ancillary office expenditure

Details relating to events hosted or attended by ministers, ministerial staff and the chief executive of AGD are published monthly. Where there has not been any expenditure, a nil return has been recorded.

Minister ministerial staff/chief executive

Gift register 

Details of gifts received by the chief executive of AGD are published monthly. Where no gifts have been received, a nil return has been recorded.

Chief executive’s gift register

Consultants engaged and cost to AGD

Since December 2005, the details of all contracts with consultants includes:
  • full details of the contract
  • name of public authority
  • date of contract execution
  • start and completion date 
  • total cost

and is published on the SA Tenders and Contracts website

The Cabinet approved policy entitled 'Disclosure of Government Contracts', issued as Premier and Cabinet Circular 27 (PC027), explains in full the process for government disclosure of contract and consultant information.

Procurement practices

Under the State Procurement Act 2004 all public sector staff are required to comply with the policies and guidelines issued by the State Procurement Board. AGD guidance notes are used in addition to the State Procurement Board Policies and Guides and provide AGD employees assistance in the interpretation and application of these policies and guidelines.

AGD Procurement Guidance notes and Policies include:

Capital works expenditure

Details of the AGD capital works program can be located in the State Budget papers. This information is updated every 6 months. 

2017 - 2018 Budget
Budget Paper 4: Volume 1, Investing Expenditure Summary - page 21

See the current Budget Papers on the State Budget website.
2016 - 17 Budget
Budget Paper 4 Investing Expenditure Summary - page 15

See 2016-17 Budget Papers at the Department of Treasury and Finance website.
2015 - 16 Budget
Budget Paper 4 Investing Expenditure Summary - page 15

See 2015-16 Budget Papers at the Department of Treasury and Finance website.
2014 - 15 Budget
Budget Paper 5 Capital Investment Statement -  page 11 

Mid-Year Budget Review - page 14 

See 2014-15 Budget Papers at the Department of Treasury and Finance website.

Disclosure logs for non-personal information released through FOI

This disclosure log lists information that has been released by AGD in response to a request for access to information under the Freedom of Information Act 1991.

The release of information is governed by the Department of Premier and Cabinet Circular PC045 - Disclosure Logs for Non-Personal Information Released through FOI.

Date of determination Summary of FOI request Information released

Access to: 

  1. A list of all documents sent by the Copper Coast Council to the Minister when seeking the Minister's approval for the revocation of classification of land as community land at Allotment 6 Plymouth Place, Moonta Bay following resolution C184:0816 at the 3 August 2016 Council meeting.

  2. Information sent to the Minister stating whether council proposed to sell, give or transfer the land to adjoining property owners, or others, the total number of property owners and who they may be. 

  3. The extent of public consultation as indicated to the Minister including copies of public notices, details of signage and its location, copies of letters sent to adjoining property owners, a copy of the community land management plan and whether a public meeting was advertised and held. 

  4. Copies of all submissions made as part of the public consultation process. 

  5. A copy of the council's report to the Minister on all submissions received during the public consultation process and a copy of the council's response to the issues raised in the submissions received.

Timeframe of request: 3 August 2016 - 12 October 2016.


FOI Disclosure, Moonta Bay (PDF 4.16MB)


Copy of agendas and minutes (including attachments & appendices) of the past 14 meetings of the Sentencing Advisory Council from 1 November 2016 - 1 November 2017 inclusive.

FOI disclosure, Sentencing Advisory Council (PDF, 8MB)


The number of rape kits that have been processed by a public or private crime or forensic laboratory or equivalent processing location from the period of January 1, 2007 through to December 29, 2017 (or closest range of years otherwise available).

FOI disclosure, forensic kits (PDF, 4KB)


Contact the Freedom of Information Unit

If you are unable to download the documents or if you require any of these documents in a different reading format please contact:

The Accredited Freedom of Information Officer

Attorney-General’s Department

GPO Box 464

South Australia 5001

Email: freedomofinformation [at] sa.gov.au

DX336 or telephone the Accredited FOI Officer on (08) 8207 1555

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