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Strategic plan

The AGD Strategic Plan 2016-18 articulates the department's vision over next two years, including its purpose and goals.


A safe, inclusive, fair and prosperous South Australia


Develop and deliver laws, policy and services that support safety and prosperity and enable timely, fair and inclusive justice for all South Australians.


We help make South Australia safe and prosperous
  • Develop laws and policy that increase personal, public and workplace safety.
  • Engage with communities on strategies that prevent crime and reduce harm.
  • Strengthen systems that protect children, women and victims.
  • Educate businesses and consumers early, to better ensure safety.
  • Support the delivery of emergency services in SA.
  • Collaborate with business on ways to keep workplaces and communities safe.
  • Reduce red tape, to reduce costs and to support business prosperity.
South Australians know their rights and obligations, which AGD administers fairly
  • Design and deliver timely, accessible and fair dispute resolution services and systems.
  • Inform individuals, employers and businesses about their legal obligations.
  • Promote and protect the rights of vulnerable people.
  • Help victims exercise their rights and access assistance.
  • Provide mechanisms to enforce legal rights and obligations that are streamlined and simple, to minimise red tape and compliance costs.
  • Enable a system of public integrity and access to information in South Australia.
South Australians have contemporary, inclusive and efficient civil, criminal and administrative justice systems
  • Pursue reforms that make South Australia’s criminal justice system more timely and effective.
  • Ensure that justice system reforms benefit victims, whilst being inclusive of defendants and of practitioners’ needs.
  • Make it easier for clients, partners and citizens to interact with us, including through technology.
  • Consult those affected by proposed justice system reforms.
  • Provide a framework to deal with disputes early and efficiently, to provide fair outcomes and a cost-effective system.
We support our staff and strive to constantly improve our business
  • Collaborate on policy and services within AGD, across government and with communities.
  • Improve our services by asking for and listening to feedback from people who use them.
  • Use technology and systems that get results and make it easier for people to work with us.
  • Invest in our people so they have the tools, knowledge and skills that they need to deliver results.
  • Recognise and value staff diversity and effort.
  • Be willing to try new ideas and take risks.
  • Protect the health, safety and wellbeing of our staff.

Public sector values

In addition to the vision, purpose and goals outlined overleaf, the strategic plan integrates the 8 South Australian public sector values:

  • service
  • professionalism
  • trust
  • respect
  • collaboration and engagement
  • honesty and integrity
  • courage and tenacity
  • sustainability.

These values underpin our approach every day, and direct the way we work to achieve our goals.