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UniSA Law Visiting Scholar Lecture Series

Thursday, April 19, 2018 - 17:30 to 18:30

Ms Sarah Blake

Cross-Cultural Mediation: Mediators, Lawyers and Community….Working Together!?!

One of the foundational objectives of alternative dispute resolution is to provide the opportunity for parties to engage in informed decision-making. In the cross-cultural conflict space, the attainment of this objective is complicated by the intersection of diverse social and cultural interests and challenges. Of particular significance is the need for the mediator and/or lawyer to help empower parties (be they communities or individuals) to actively and constructively participate in the dispute resolution process.

Drawing on Sarah’s extensive first-hand experience, this presentation will explore the roles, responsibilities and processes of lawyers and mediators in the context of Aboriginal community multi-party conflict. In particular, the presentation will draw on case studies from WA and NT to consider:

  • Whether there is a tension between mediators, lawyers, and the community?
  • What are the consequences when authority, roles, and processes aren’t clear?
  • Where can we find some positive examples of mediators and lawyers working together for resolution?

This presentation represents an opportunity for practitioners and academics alike to reflect on what is required for respectful engagement, better outcomes and more effective dispute resolution in in the cross-cultural space.

Sarah is the recipient of Resolution Institutes’ Michael Klug Award 2017 and ADC Young Mediator of the Year 2016. With over 20 years’ experience in mediation and training, Sarah’s expertise in the field of multi-party mediation and cross-cultural decision-making allows her to customize services that bridge cultural, commercial, and legal divides. With broad mediation, conflict management and governance experience, Sarah is passionate about helping people in complex situations make good decisions.

Organiser (agency)
University of South Australia, School of Law
UniSA Law Building, Level2 Room10, City West Campus

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