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Disability and mental health

Support and services for South Australians who live with a disability or mental illness to have the same rights as other individuals. 

Disability Justice Plan

The Disability Justice Plan 2014-2017 was developed to make the criminal justice system more accessible and responsive to those who live with a disability or mental illness.

For more information about care and support for those who are living with a disability or mental illness or carers, visit sa.gov.au

Disability Justice Plan 

Reduced mental capacity

The Office of the Public Advocate provides services to promote and  protect the rights of people with a reduced mental capacity or mental illness.

The Public Advocate fulfils a number of functions, including:

  • providing information and education on a diverse range of issues affecting people with a cognitive disability or impaired mental capacity
  • investigating the circumstances of a person who is believed to have a mental incapacity and is at risk
  • advocating for system level changes or on behalf of an individual
  • undertaking guardianship duties for people who are unable to make personal decisions.


The Public Trustee can be appointed to administer the personal financial affairs of people who are unable to manage their own affairs.