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Justices of the Peace

Information for the public about justices of the peace is now available on the SA.GOV.AU website.

    COVID-19 Update

    Information for JPs during the COVID-19 pandemic.

    Justice of the Peace Services portal

    A justice of the peace (JP) acts as an independent and objective witness to documents people use for official or legal purposes. JPs use the resources on this page to help them carry out tasks related to their work. 

    JPs in South Australia can manage their appointments and personal information through the Justice of the Peace Services portal. This includes: 

    • contact details
    • public roll details
    • employment details
    • applying for a change of name
    • applying for suspension for personal reasons
    • applying to become a volunteer JP
    • resigning as a JP
    • applying for reappointment. 

    To gain access to the portal, contact Justice of the Peace Services on 131 882 or jpservices [at] sa.gov.au

    Key documents

    Related news

    Certifying documents for AHPRA and National Boards
    The Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and National Boards have updated their guidelines relating to certifiying documents and photo ID documents required to be submitted with an application for registration, or undertaking tasks relating to managing a health practitioner's registration. 

    When witnessing copies of original documents or documents with a photograph (eg passport, driver's licence) which are required to be submitted to AHPRA, JPs must follow the instructions set out in the AHPRA information sheet 'Certifying Documents - instructions for applicants and authorised officers'

    AHPRA have advised they will accept wording on certified documents that is substantially the same to that specified in their guidelines and will accept the standard wording contained in the JP Handbook edition 3.0: "I certify that this is a true and correct copy of the original document sighted by me this ___ day of ___" for copies of documents SA JPs certify that do not contain a photograph. 

    When certifying documents with a photograph for AHPRA, SA JPs can use the above wording, but must also include a handwritten statement confirming "the photograph is a true likeness of the person presenting the document to me" or similar.
    Queensland Land Titles Documents - changes to witnessing requirements
    Changes have been made to the witnessing requirements for Titles Registry forms executed by individuals under section 162 of the Queensland Land Titles Act 1994 and section 113 of the Land Act 1994. 

    There is now a mandatory requirement for JPs who witness a Queensland Titles Registry form executed by an individual to retain a written record. The written record must be kept by the witness for a period of 7 years from the date of witnessing and is a record of how they verified the signatory's identity and their entitlement to sign the form. After 7 years has elapsed, the witness may securely destroy the record. 

    There have also been changes to the obligations for witnesses to these forms and all South Australian JPs must familiarise themselves with the new witnessing requirements and obligations outlined in Part 61, paragraph 2330 of the Land Title Practice Manual (Queensland).

    A Record of QLD Titles Registry forms template (PDF 152KB) has been created that SA JPs must use if they witness a Queensland Titles Registry form to ensure compliance with the record keeping requirements. 

    If you require further classification about the new requirements, contact the Queensland Titles Registry on 1300 255 750 or email titlesinfo [at] dnrme.qld.gov.au
    Teachers registration forms
    Applications for teacher registration

    On 1 July 2018 the Teachers Registration Board of SA implemented new forms for applicants applying for teacher registration. 

    The main change is that a minimum for four ID documents will be required instead of two. 

    On page 4 of the application form (under section 8) is the statutory declaration that you as a JP will be required to witness. If you witness the statutory declaration form, you must also certify the copies of the ID documents provided by the applicant. Applicants have been asked to have their original documents ready to present to the JP, along with the copies for certification. 

    An additional line has been included in the statutory declaration area for the JP to note, which reads 'I verify that all the photographs contained within the documents certified by me are, to the best of my ability, photographs of the applicant.'

    Download a copy of the revised teachers registration form. 

    For further information, contact the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia on 8253 9700. 


    Prior to a Teachers Registration expiring, they can apply to renew it for a further 3 years. They must meet all renewal requirements and lodge their application for Renewal of Registration. 

    As part of the application for renewal, teachers must photocopy a photogenic identity document into the box provided on the Linkage Verification Form and bring this form to a JP with their original identity document. 

    The JP must stamp and certify the copy of the identity document in the box on the Linkage Verification Form and also complete the verification statement at the bottom of the form. 

    Both the certification of the identity document and the verification statement must be signed by the same JP. 

    For further information about the renewal process, visit the Teachers Registration Board of South Australia website
    Statutory Declarations with attachments

    If a JP is asked to witness a Statutory Declaration which refers to an annexure (or attachment) the JP is required to sight the attachment/s and also ensure it is clearly marked. 

    Pages 61-63 of the JP Handbook discusses how JPs must witness Statutory Declarations. The JP Handbook advises that JPs must:

    • Examine the statutory declaration to ensure all annexures to the statutory declaration are referred to in the statutory declaration and clearly marked.
    • Sign and date all annexures. Write or stamp the following wording on the first page (if they have not already been marked by the declarant):
      • This is the annexure marked [e.g. Annexure ‘A’] referred to in the statutory declaration of [name of declarant].
      • Declared before me at [suburb] in the State of South Australia. 
      • This [full date e.g. dd/mm/yyyy]

    • Write their signature, full name, JP Identification number and ‘A justice of the peace for South Australia’ or other information as required by the applicable legislation pursuant to which the statutory declaration is being made.
    • If the annexure is not referred to in the statutory declaration, the declarant will need to make an alteration to the wording in the statutory declaration to refer to the annexure. The date on each annexure should be the same as the date the document is witnessed. 
    • The declarant is not required to sign the annexure. If a document refers to annexures but they are not attached to the document and the declarant does not have them, you must not witness the statutory declaration.

    Please contact Justice of the Peace Services on 131 882 or email jpservices [at] sa.gov.au if you have any questions.