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Legal assistance

The Attorney-General's Department provides legal and justice services for the South Australian government and community.

Legal advice

Community Legal Centres provide legal assistance in the form of information, advice, representation services, law reform and community legal education.

For more information about free legal advice available to South Australians visit sa.gov.au

The Law Society of South Australia also provides assistance:

  • for information on the Litigation Assistance Fund phone 8110 5263
  • for a referral service phone 8229 0288 or visit the Law Society of South Australia website.

Public prosecutions

The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions (ODPP) prosecutes major indictable offences on behalf of the South Australian community.

ODPP also provides the Witness Assistance Service (WAS), a state-wide information, education, support and referral service to victims of crime, witnesses for the prosecution and their immediate families.

Legal services for government

The Crown Solicitor's Office (CSO) provides a broad litigious practice, providing legal advice and representation to ministers, government departments and statutory authorities on a daily basis.

CSO provides legal expertise in the following areas: 

  • commercial law
  • administrative and environmental law
  • litigation
  • Native Title
  • advising.

CSO also provides conveyancing services (for example, title searches and settlements), as well as in-house specialist investigation services offered by the Government Investigations Unit.

The Solicitor-General appears for the state when constitutional issues that affect the interests of the state come before the High Court.

The Solicitor-General also appears in the Full Court of the Supreme Court and other courts in the state on instructions from the Crown Solicitor and the Director of Public Prosecutions.


The Office of Parliamentary Counsel:

  • provides legislative drafting and advisory services to the Cabinet and Ministers, South Australian Government departments and agencies, the Parliament and its Committees and members
  • prepares up-to-date consolidations of all South Australian legislation (principal and subordinate)
  • maintains a database of all SA legislation and information relating to South Australian legislation and ensures the legislation and information can be published in print and electronic form.