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National Redress Scheme

The National Redress Scheme recognises and provides support to people who experienced institutional child sexual abuse.

Support can include:

  • access to counselling and psychological services
  • a direct personal response
  • a monetary payment.

Laws have now passed state Parliament allowing South Australian government and non-government institutions to participate in the scheme.

National Redress Scheme - fact sheet for South Australia (PDF 56KB)

How to apply

From 1 February, 2019, people who were abused in South Australian Government institutions are eligible for redress under the scheme.

People who experienced institutional child sexual abuse that occurred in South Australian non-government institutions (such as church bodies, charities and community organisations) that have declared their participation in the scheme may also apply to access redress.

You can apply at any time and the scheme will accept applications until June 2027.

Redress can only be awarded against institutions that have opted into the scheme.

Help with your application

Contact any of the following support services if you need help with your application:

         Phone: 1800 VICTIM (1800 842 846)    

Legal services

Knowmore can provide legal services related to making an application.

Phone: 1800 605 762

Institutions that no longer exist

Institutions that no longer exist may have been linked to a larger organisation, such as a church or national body.

If that larger organisation has joined the scheme, it can assume responsibility for the institution –­ eg an existing religious institution can provide redress for an institution that was part of their religious order.

In cases where a state government and a non-government institution that has been identified as no longer existing and declared for the purposes of the scheme were both responsible for the abuse, the state government has committed to providing redress on behalf of that non-government institution. 

The government cannot provide redress on behalf of an institution that no longer exists if the government did not share responsibility, or if the institution has not been declared.  

Children in State Care ex gratia scheme

The National Redress Scheme has replaced the Children in State Care ex gratia scheme.

Applications lodged for ex gratia payment before 1 February 2019 will be processed. 

Apply for copy of transcript of evidence

 Application form - Copy of Transcript of Evidence - Children in State Care Commission of Inquiry (PDF 260KB)

Contact us on (08) 8207 1771 if you have problems accessing the form.

Contact the National Redress Scheme

Website: nationalredress.gov.au 

Phone: 1800 737 377